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5 hacks to stand out when applying for Scholarship.


It’s a no brainer that studying in a University can be a financially crippling venture, reason that finding a Scholarship is necessary and no matter how much we save and plan for it, it’s not always enough to cover up all expenses. So what’s the plan? Would you apply for student loans that you might end up spending the first few years working out of college to pay up, especially with the interests and other incentives or apply for scholarships and grants, which are extremely competitive and very strict with requirements?
Whichever option you choose to finance the furthering of your education through Scholarships, here are 5 hacks to stand out;

Have a target:
When applying for scholarships you could sometimes get caught up by the various prospects available online for you to choose from and lose track of what you’re actually there for. A lot of scholarship opportunities are focused on some certain demographics and might demand requirements that are out of your scope. So you should target the ones that are within your demographic as well as those you possess the requirements for. Do not forget to find out all you can about the scholarships you track as that would help you stay updated.

Work On your grades:
Some scholarship applications may require Grades of a certain cut off point of which you would stand a greater chance of qualifying. If you possess much higher grades than that. So now might be a good time to work on improving your grades if you want to steer clear of the competition. Develop reading schedules, attend tutorials and as easy as it may sound. Follow instructions to make sure you don’t make costly mistakes when writing tests and examinations.

Tell your story:
If there is a section where you are asked to describe yourself and your experiences, go all out. Include whatever curricular and extra- curricular achievements you may possess especially when it pertains to leadership positions you may hold including citations (if any) and write down your experiences. Do not lie! It is better to not be as impressive but truthful than to be a lying Mary Sue. This would improve your chances significantly.

Gain experience:
This relates to the point above. You would have no experience if you don’t gain some. Go out, join voluntary organizations, school clubs and vy for leadership positions. Make sure to include them all in your description.

Apply for Everything:
You might be discouraged maybe because you may fall short of some requirements for your favorite scholarship applications. But in a world of probability, a great way to even the odds is to increase your options. Apply for as many opportunities as you can not withstanding if you meet all requirements and you never know. A few may respond from the bunch.


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