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Education Minister Frowns Murders Of Students in SA

Education Minister Frowns Murders Of Students in South Africa

The 2023 academic time has gotten off to a fatally violent launch for scholars at universities and sodalities throughout the country. The most recent incidents have caught the attention of the advanced education minister.

Advanced Education Minister Blade Nzimande has explosively condemned recent violent murders. Targeting  young scholars at universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sodalities across the country. In a statement, Minister Nzimande expressed his deep concern over the disturbing trend and called on law enforcement agencies to work lifelessly to bring those responsible to justice.

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He further stated that the violent murders against PSET scholars, particularly women, are a shy and intolerable act that should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.
According to recent reports, several scholars have been killed in violent incidents at colorful universities and TVET sodalities. In recent weeks, sparking outrage and calls for action from scholars, parents, and education stakeholders.

The fatal incidents in question include the violent murder of three scholars from Eastcape Midlands TVET College scholars at an entertainment venue on Sunday 12 February. The fatal pecking of a 22- time-old pupil from Maseko Community College on Tuesday 21 February. As well as the murder of one of three University of Fort Hare womanish scholars who were the victims of a thievery near their lot.

Minister Nzimande reiterated his commitment to working with all applicable stakeholders, similar as Vice Chancellors and TVET College principles to insure the safety and security of all scholars at institutions of advanced literacy.

So far, a police disquisition into the last incident has led to the questioning of one suspect. Nzimande has also prompted anyone with information that could help the police in their examinations to come forward and help relieve institutions of advanced literacy of felonious rudiments.

University operation, staff, and scholars have been called on to work together to produce a safer literacy terrain and to report any suspicious conditioning to the applicable authorities.

According to the Minister he said that “We must fete that our Post School and Education Sector( PSET) sector is a microsome of our lesser society This is demonstrated in the incarnation and some cases of reduplication of social pathologies on our lot similar as rape. violent murders, substantially against women ”

While transferring his sincere condolences to the families of the departed. Nzimande pledged to continue covering the situation and work with law enforcement agencies to help farther incidents of violence against scholars.

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