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    Spreadsheet Gladiator Scholarship


    Spreadsheet Gladiator Scholarship

    Nowadays, a vast number of individuals around the globe use Spreadsheet Gladiator for their daily activities, and many of them also utilize these tools in their professional endeavors. As a tribute to those who decide to pursue a career in business, computer science, or communications, Coefficient grants a yearly scholarship of $1,500 to a college student pursuing a degree in any of these fields.

     Degree:Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D
     Funding1500 USD annually
    Closing Date30th July, 2023


     Eligibility Requirements:

    To participate in the competition, your submission must be a single dashboard that fits on one sheet (“tab”) within the Google Sheet file. The dashboard should be a standard-sized business dashboard, but there is no limitation as to its size. You are allowed to use hidden reference cells, formulas, tables, and pivot tables on other hidden tabs to support the dashboard functions, but the use of Google Apps Script (GAS) or any third-party add-ons is prohibited. To demonstrate your creativity, you are encouraged to make use of various Google Sheets functionalities, including but not limited to, Data Validations, Advanced Formulas, Conditional Formatting, People Chips, Sparklines, Charts, Pivot Tables, Filter Views, and Slicers.

    There are no specific requirements for what tables, charts, and other components to build. You can use your creativity and build what you think will make the most useful and impressive summary sales dashboard for Dr. von Brunsick.


    The scholarship is worth $1,500.


    Students will have until 11:59 pm CST on July 31th each year to apply for a Fall scholarship by filling out the form on this page with their submission.

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